Four Myths About Online Learning

For many students, online learning gives the chance to earn a college degree without having to sacrifice time with their family, compromise their job, or adding significant strain to their budget.

ID-100287497However, there are still a lot out there that are hesitant, apprehensive, and even skeptical on whether online learning can truly be a great alternative for those who simply don’t have the time, and funds, to graduate with a college degree the traditional way. A big part of the negative perception about online courses is due to a lot of misconceptions and myths – about them and online learning. Here they are.

Myth #1: Companies don’t recognize degrees earned through online learning.

One of the most widely accepted myths when it comes to online learning is that companies don’t consider degrees earned through online courses in the same level as those earned the traditional way.

Quite the contrary! With many of the country’s top universities now offering online courses, companies not only accept and recognize degrees earned online, but also many companies are actually starting to prefer those that have earned their college degrees online. That’s because having a degree earned online clearly shows you’re reliable, resourceful, and pretty much up-to-date with the latest technology, which are things that most companies find as great assets in an employee.

ID-10096423Myth #2: You’re completely on your own.

Back when online learning was still just getting started, students did have little to no “real” interaction with their instructors or their classmates.

Of course, we all know that Internet technology has rapidly and significantly changed over the last few years. These technology advancements like live video streaming and video chats are now being implemented in online learning courses. In fact, online courses now include sessions that are being live streamed from an actual lecture being conducted in the university or college that allow you to interact with your instructor. In essence, it’s as though you’re actually seated in that same lecture hall with everyone else.

Myth 3: Online learning is extremely easy.

Believe it or not, many students that enroll in online courses do so with the assumption that it’s going to be so much easier to complete than earning the same degree in the traditional way.

The truth is, the only thing that is easy about earning a degree online is attending the classes. You don’t have to commute and run through one hall after another to get to the next class. Students enrolled in online courses are expected to complete the same curriculum following the same standards as those that are earning the a degree on-campus.

Myth #4: You don’t get the privilege to consult with your instructor.

Universities and colleges give instructors and professors responsibilities they are required to do. This includes giving time to all their students and consult them about the lessons that have been discussed, regardless of whether the student is earning his or her degree on-campus or through online learning. That being said, if ever you’re not able to get to consult with your instructor or professor, chances are it’s because you’re not taking advantage of it.

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