Stay At Home Mom? No College Degree? Here’s What You Can Do

Maintaining a well-paid job as a mother to young children is not easy, some would say impossible. Some very talented and capable women end up being  a housewife to take care of their children, when in fact there are many ways for women to make the best out of their skills and earn some money when the kids are at school or kindergarten, check out some of these amazing ideas:

Office and technical work

Upwork and Fiverr are marketplaces for any work or service that is computer driven. For example, graphic designers, creative editors, and many people who know how to work with Photoshop or Auto cad or similar software can pick up work anytime.

Online Fitness Coach

- Online Fitness Coach

When you’re an expert in a specific field, people will often seek you out for help and advice. And the fitness world is no exception. You can post how-to videos online and via social networks and build yourself a base of clients. Through Skype and other video channels, you can help people in a private and precise manner to change their workout, diet, and life.

Vacation Planner

Being a vacation planner, or a home-travel -agent, is a great idea, though it must be somewhat annoying to plan amazing vacations and never actually go on them, right? Anyhow, this job does not require any prior education or experience.

Sell Crafts Online / Start an Online Marketing Store

- crafts

Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy offer some amazing opportunities to earn money. Whether you have some old things you want to get rid of or don’t like anymore, instead of being a hoarder or simply throwing away, why don’t you sell it on? And how about Etsy? If you know how to make simple jewelry or any other craft, you can sell it online and make a buck for it!


Have you always shared everything you do on social media? Do you love reporting about everything you see, eat, or drink? Well, there you have it! Freelance bloggers or running their own websites can make serious money if doing it the right way and getting to the right audiences. By just writing about the latest restaurant you visited you can truly find success.

Creative Writer

With the slowly dying process of the printed media, the demand for writing, editing and proofreading professionals online is only rising, especially for those who can do it independently and from home. Even those without writing education or experience can join the party, as new and innovative ideas are very much appreciated.


- translatorr

People who are lucky enough to be completely fluent in several languages can translate documents. Good translators are hard to find as it’s not only about the word-for-word translation, but also about the cultural differences and common phrases. It’s also a job that can easily be done from home.

The average hourly rate of a translator would be around 21$ which is pretty impressive, especially considering you can do it from anywhere you feel like.

Home-Based Bakery


Do you have that one-of-a-kind recipe everyone just loves? They are all convinced you have a secret ingredient but honestly, you’ve made it so many times already you truly master it now? Well, you may be able to earn a few extra dollars by selling it. No kidding. Home-made baked goods are just always in demand. Even if you don’t have a specific recipe – find a certain niche such as oriental deserts gluten-free pastries and you’ve got a winner! Plus, your kids will love being a part of it too!


- Tutoring-

Those of you who have the patience and compassion to teach – would not only earn money by teaching online but would also be helping out some people who need help at studying something and prefer to do it online. For example, you can teach a certain language to someone abroad who wants to study a language you are fluent in, or maths or history lessons to students. Bear in mind that you can also teach some skills in computer programming or graphic design and even cooking – there is so much professional and recreational knowledge out there, there must be something!

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