10 Popular Courses To Learn Online

Online degrees have been on the rise in the last few years as more and more are wired to the Internet and new developments in technology emerge. With human lifestyles becoming more closely intertwined with cyberspace, it appears that Internet-based courses may continue to soar in the coming years.

With that, here are 10 of the most popular ones this year.

Web Design & Development

You probably guessed this one as demand for web-based services continue to surge. More are getting on the online selling and virtual store bandwagon, which requires a good-looking and efficient site. Of course, this is where web designers and developers come in. It’s no wonder, then, that this field is also experiencing more demand, with some institutions paving the way by offering online versions of this course.


Yes, you can now get an engineering degree online, and from some of the best schools at that. In fact, Stanford University is offering online engineering courses. MIT also offers mechanical engineering courses. You can even study engineering online for free. W-O-W indeed!

Graphic Design

This is one of those fields the program of which is expected to have an online version. Along with web designers, graphic designers are also in-demand as this skill is necessary in creating compelling and attention-grabbing images for businesses and websites.


Want to work with numbers and online? You can get an accounting degree on the Internet and do just that. You can enroll in an associate degree program or even do the bachelor degree course, if you are so inclined.

Electronics & Computer Technology

This is one degree that gets your hands full in the realm of microtechnology, chip or component productions, and equipment manufacturing, among other things. In an increasingly technology-fueled world, such a degree will definitely not be out of place and will, in fact, be very much useful and even prove to be lucrative.

Information Systems Management

Like the idea of implementing and administrating computer technology? Love taking on the challenge of knowing the tech needs of a company and using the most useful tools for the organization to run smoothly? This field is right up your alley, and you can study it online too!

Medical Assisting

If you want to work in a clinic setting and help out doctors, nurses, and other health professionals, you can get certified online as a medical assistant. Legitimate universities like Herzing University and Ashworth college offer medical assistant courses online.


Have a knack for promoting products and services? Why don’t you get yourself enrolled in an online marketing course then? A lot of colleges offer Internet-based curriculums these days, and, as it appears, many seem to be taking it.


If you like dealing with legal documents, research, and even dive into the challenge of interviewing clients and witnesses, then enroll in an online paralegal course. You can get employed in the government or a private company afterwards. You can even work as an independent contractor, if you fancy freelancing.

Health Care Admin

If you like to work in the health care field as an administrative assistant, there are a good number of diploma and certificate programs available online that you can choose from. If you’re seeking for a higher position at some point in your career, you can even take up a master degree program online, too.

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