Here’s How Top Students Manage Their Time

The common misperception regarding studying is that you can always study harder. While that might be true, it does not guarantee you’ll be effective in any way! The point is to learn how to study smarter, not necessarily harder. Here’s how you can develop effective study habits on your way to success.

Space out your studying sessions and make them shorter.

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There’s no use in cramming all your studying into one long session since you’ll probably be ending it well into the night, trying to keep your eyelids open. At some point long sessions become inefficient since your energy levels are so low you can no longer comprehend most of the material. Effective sessions should be shorter and spaced, yet regular.

Plan ahead your studying schedule, and stick to it.

Research shows that students who study irregularly or whimsically tend to perform not as good as students who set their studying schedule ahead. Problem is if you make plans in advance – you have to stick to it and actually make it happen. A regular studying routine allows you to always be on top of things, thus making your way to success much easier.

Create the ideal studying environment for your sessions. 

If you know when exactly you’re going to study, you should also know where and how. if you prefer to study at the library, then make sure you get there in time to catch your favorite seat. If a coffee shop is what gets your concentration going, then get there on time and prepare everything you need in advance. Your favorite snacks, music, table or any other environmental factor that is important to you and encourage you to study should be thought of and taken care of prior to beginning the session. This will also guarantee that once you sit down, all you have left to do is simply study.

Start with the most difficult task you need to get done.

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At first, this might sound counter-intuitive. But approaching your most difficult (or undesirable) task first has been found to be very efficient, in business as well as in studying. Naturally, the hardest tasks are those that demand the highest amount of mental energy and efforts, so you better start with those first while you’re still fresh. It will also be a huge relief to get these tasks over with, which will probably renew your energy to some extent.

Review your notes and materials on a regular basis.

Start by making sure you take good notes in class. Then create a new habit of going over those notes before you begin your studying session on the subject. That applies to writing assignments especially, as it is always important to know you understood it completely and to know exactly what needs to be done for you to complete the assignment correctly. This way you won’t waste your time, and you will increase your chances of success. Review your notes over the weekend for an extra reinforcement of the material to make sure you’ve got it and that you’re ready to move on the following week.

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