Are You An Introvert? These Are The Perfect Courses For You

Are you an introvert? Do you think your people skills need a lot of brushing up? Do you prefer working by yourself in a quiet room with very little or no interruption?

Then, by all means, you should be enrolled in any of these college courses!


As an accountant, you’ll mainly be wrestling with numbers and ledger books (or an Excel spreadsheet or some accounting software) most hours of the day. You may probably be consulting or answering to a handful of humans every now and then but it’s safe to say you’ll be staring at numerical figures most of the time, which makes this career option perfect for introverts.


This field of study focuses on the history of the earth and its processes and composition. A geoscientist is expected to be out on the field a lot, doing studies and taking samples, which will later be analyzed. Human interaction is minimal in this kind of career – you’ll be looking at earth samples and rock more than people.


If you’ve seen Gravity starring Sandra Bullock, you get a good idea of how lonely an astronaut’s life is in outer space. Or if you’re a land-based one, you’ll be peering through telescopes or studying images of the universe a lot and making computations of particles and matter and other things related to the physics of the entire universe. There is very little opportunity for office politics and water-cooler gossiping in this kind of profession, so if you want none of that, go get a degree in astronomy or physics.

Library Science / Information Management

Love books and bound paper history more than people? You should be an archivist. Instead of puzzling over your co-worker’s behavior, you’ll be very occupied finding ways to make a huge amount of information and documents available to the general public. Expect a lot of document or record-keeping and organizing tasks in the pipeline in this kind of work. Although you’ll still be facing people (mostly your superiors or people inquiring about certain documents), you won’t have to deal with them as much as, say, a receptionist.

Court Reporting

With this kind of job, you just show up at court and stay quietly in a corner and record the proceedings. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Considering the job pays well, it definitely is one cool gig. To be one, you need to get a degree or certificate in court reporting from an educational institution accredited by the national body governing court reporter issues.


The type of engineering that will get you dealing with machines is perfect for you if you’d rather not interact with people a lot. Mechanical engineers, for example, fiddle with machines or diagrams of machines instead of the intricacies of human habits. You can tinker with your heart’s content and only have to answer to your superior or the person(s) you directly coordinate with on a particular project.

Animal Care

Some people know how to deal with animals better than other human beings, which is why they are encouraged to take up veterinary medicine or nursing or get a certified in animal care.

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