Check Out These Eight Courses And See Which One Is For You

Saying you like people is an understatement. One could go so far as saying you LOVE people so much you actually charge up your energy stores in their presence. Being the extrovert-people-lover that you are, you definitely will find one or two (or all?) of the following degrees fit you to a T.


Marketing professionals promote products and services, which means they interact and even face people a lot. They coordinate with other marketing professionals as managers or with various clients. A marketing degree allows you to work in various capacities that ensure you get face time with people.


psychiatristYou can work as a therapist, corporate trainer, or a human resource manager with this degree under your belt. All three career options keep you in touch with people and in the thick of people issues. If you’re the kind who is very interested in human behavior and thought processes, this is the perfect college course for you!


Whether you’re defending or prosecuting people or mediating legal issues, people are always in the picture when you’re a lawyer or expert of the law. You’ll also be coordinating with numerous people when working on a case – this definitely sounds like Type-A people person heaven!


friendly salesman selling car to a customer in showroomSome institutions offer degrees that combine marketing and sales in one collegiate program, so if you’re looking to have the best of both fields, you know what to do. Your post-college prospects: you can work as a sales trainer or account manager, or even be director of sales and marketing. Any of these career paths have been known to earn handsome annual salaries, which means your passion for people will definitely be a lucrative one when you engage in those professions.


If you’re partial to interacting with people in a learning environment, you should be a teacher. You can specialize in special education or teach adolescents instead. Get a master – and, if you can manage, a Ph.D. – if you want to teach in universities.

Communications / Public Relations

As a PR professional or consultant, journalist, marketing specialist, or communications liaison, opportunities for human interaction are endless and may even take a colorful turn, especially when you’re in the entertainment industry or in the business of marketing selling-like-hotcakes products. There’s a tendency for these careers to take on a fast-paced momentum, so if you’re the kind who runs on adrenaline, this is the course for you.

Physical or Occupational Therapy

female-physical-therapist-assisting-senior-patient-613x345If you want to work at a less frenetic pace but in a field that is nonetheless filled with opportunities for human interaction, you should be a physical therapist or an occupational therapist. You can choose to work with athletes in a sports clinic or professional athletic team or with the elderly in a nursing home setting. Or challenge your know-how by being employed in a hospital that gets a variety of cases ranging from kids to the elderly. Imagine the conversations, and the opportunity for making meaningful bonds, you’ll get!


Similar to physical therapy, nursing gets you interacting with people of all ages and walks of life. Aside from the opportunity to help patients feel better and be on the road to recovery, you can also expect to earn a good living as a registered nurse.

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