Here’s What You Need To Do To Ace Your SAT

The SAT is a paper-based standardized test that is used to check whether you’re ready for the demands of college life. It’s made of three distinct sections: Critical Thinking, Mathematics, and Essay.

ExamWhat makes taking the SAT extremely challenging for a lot of students is the fact that it’s not enough to just simply pass the test. Universities and colleges have a minimum SAT score they require you to achieve for them to even consider taking a look at your college application for the degree you want to enroll in.

Preparing for the SAT

Taking time to prepare is very important if you want to get a really good score on your SAT exam. Here are some tips to help you do that:

Check the admission requirements

Colleges and universities would usually include what is the minimum score you need to get in order to meet their requirements to apply for your chosen course. However, if you really want to increase your chances in getting accepted to your chosen college or university, take the time to check what is the average SAT score achieved by those who have been accepted into the course and university or college you are eyeing. Use this average score as the goal for you to reach when you take the SAT.

Take lots of practice tests

One of the things about the SAT that rattles a lot of students is that you are only given a certain time limit to answer a particular section. Once the time is up, you can’t go back, even if you’re not yet finished answering that section. There are lots of practice tests that you can get online which you can print out and use to practice with a timer so that by the time to take the actual test, you’re used to the time pressure and you can focus better.

Studying_(2759729091)Study in groups

Participating in a study group will not only give you the opportunity to get help from other students in your problem areas. These also serve as sort of a support system to help keep you motivated to study and prepare for the upcoming exam.

Visit the test center location

Take the time to find out and visit the test center before the actual date of your scheduled SAT exam. This will help you allocate enough time to travel and arrive at the test center early on the day itself.

Prepare everything the night before

Make sure that you got everything that you need to be packed in your bag the night before so that you don’t leave anything behind.

Get a good night’s sleep

Although you’re probably nervous about the upcoming SAT, make it a point to get some sleep the night before. Lack of sleep can cause you to lose focus and have a difficult time analyzing things, both of which you can’t afford to deal with while taking the SAT.

Come early on the day itself

Getting to the test center a few minutes earlier will give you just enough time to breathe and calm yourself before taking the test.

Go for the easy ones first

One of the biggest mistakes students make when taking exams like the SAT is that they spend way too much time on a very difficult question that they end up running out of time to go through the rest of the questions of the section. Answering first the easier questions and then returning to the really difficult ones will give you a much better chance of completing each section.

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