The Most Bizarre College Mascots Out There

Artie The Fighting Artichoke

Artie was born as a result of Scottsdale students attempting to create a weird mascot in protest of the corrupted administration there during the 1970s. They sure knew how to protest back in those days, eh?

Keggy the Keg

Yes, that’s right. Keggy is indeed a keg of beer, and we can’t possibly think of a more accurate symbol for college life. We suspect, however, that Sports might not be Keggy’s favorite thing to do in life, which is probably why Dartmouth administration doesn’t acknowledge it as a formal mascot.

The Fighting Pickle

North Carolina School of the Arts students chose this as their new mascot, and this is the one that won the competition. Yes, it is a pickle dressed like a French painter. And it’s supposed to be a fighting pickle, too. Really?



This guy scares us like clowns sometimes might. What was going on inside St Louis University student’s mind when they created it? The mystery is still unsolved.

The Boll Weevil

The idea of using powerful and dangerous animals as a mascot gets a weird twist in The University of Arkansas, where they turned an angry critter into their mascot. Careful, this guy can really hurt your… crops?

Speedy the Geoduck

We had no idea what a Geoduck was until we saw this mascot, too. It turns out it’s some sort of a very large clam, and now it’s also the mascot that cheers for Evergreen State College. Right.

The Stanford Tree

A tree with lips. Or, more accurate, a very rude tree that likes to hit on all the ladies and binge-drink. While it’s true that Stanford is considered to be one of the best universities in the world, it’s hard to say the same about its mascot.

Sammy The Banana Slug

The University of California in Santa Cruz chose this cool-looking banana-colored slug to be their mascot, and we wonder what the hell were they smoking at the time. We want some too.

Fighting Okra

The official mascot of Delta State University, the Fighting Okra was even featured on a TV show in Food Network. What, did you think only artichokes and pickles can fight?

Super Frog

Nothing personal against frogs, but this particular one looks like we’ve seen him in our worst nightmares. The fact he is the mascot of the TCU Horned Frogs might explain it though.

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