The Top 5 Colleges in America Right Now

College students looking to ensure their professional future would no doubt choose to attend the best educational institutions in the country. Just being an alumnus or alumnae from any of such highly esteemed colleges already does wonders for the resume, more so if paired with an impressive academic performance.

If you’re wondering what are the best colleges in the U.S. this 2016, the following are the top five among the cream of the collegiate crop.

 Stanford University

Founded more than a hundred years ago, this San Francisco Bay Area institution’s entrepreneurial spirit spurred the birth of Silicon Valley. In fact, Stanford U’s campus – one of the largest in America – sits right in the middle of the tech hub. Aside from its storied past and illustrious reputation in the country, Stanford boasts a stellar roster of alumni, with 18 of them being recipients of the Turing Award and about 30 of them becoming billionaires. A good number of US Congress representatives have also called Stanford their alma mater, while 17 astronauts have also graduated from this university. In addition, the institution also has about 21 Nobel laureates in its academic community. Now that puts the I in illustrious.

 Williams College

This private institution’s address is coincidentally similar to its name – Williamstown, Massachusetts. It’s on the eastern side of the country and has been established even way before Stanford – in 1793.

This school has three divisions – the sciences, humanities, and social sciences – and has a total of 24 departments, with 33 majors. It has since churned out distinguished alumni since its establishment, with 7 of them being Pulitzer Prize awardees, 54 Congress Representatives, and 35 Rhodes Scholars. One Nobel Prize winner has also graduated from its hallowed halls, as well as a couple of Fortune 500 CEOs.

 Princeton University

This Ivy League institution is in Princeton, New Jersey and has been running since 1746. It offers a good number of undergraduate and graduate programs and has produced its share of distinguished alumni. In fact, about 41 Nobel laureates have graduated from Princeton, as well as no less than 50 winners of various prizes and scholarships. Two U.S. Presidents have also studied here, as well as various billionaires and Supreme Court Justices and politicians. Author F. Scott Fitzgerald also calls Princeton his alma mater.

 Harvard University

Getting into this prestigious institution is no walk in the park, which is why the likes of this parody video exists. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, this Ivy League university is the oldest higher learning institution in America (founded in 1636) and strives for excellence in learning, teaching, and research, with an eye to churning out leaders that will make a global impact.

Among its notable alumni are 8 U.S. Presidents and 3 Nobel Peace Prize laureates, as well as a number of CEOs. Although Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have never finished college, they had their start at Harvard before dropping out to take their tech innovations to the next level.

 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This research university is also in Cambridge, Massachusetts, like Harvard. It also is home to some of the most brilliant in the field of sciences and technology in America (and even the world). It was established in 1861 and now has five schools and a college, with a total of 34 departments. It counts among its alumni 85 Nobel laureates, 34 astronauts, and more than 100 recipients of medals, awards, and scholarships for excellence in the field of science.

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